[$18] Nerd or Die | FULL Dropzone – Stream Package (MEGA.NZ)





This package includes

  • Overlay Package
  • Webcam frames
  • Screen designs (Starting, BRB, Ending, Intermission, Just Chatting and blank versions)
  • Stinger Transition. Includes WebM with and without sound
  • Streamlabs OBS .overlay file
  • Profile panels and icons, with profile panel .psd



Alert Package

  • Includes alerts with editable fields
  • Animated designs for various alerts
  • Quick install links for Streamlabs
  • Customize colors of elements via our custom fields
  • Change the language and text used
  • Check out the read me guide, these alerts are designed for use with Streamlabs


Demo: https://nerdordie.co…stream-package/
Youtube Demo: https://www.youtube….h?v=qUddsPkvwpI

MEGA: https://mega.nz/#!tG…MaHNngd3-3fBLsc UPDATED

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